The tools

fpaste can be enhanced when paired with other keyboard based tools such as:


Paste a diff and save the URL into the clipboard selection (Ctrl-V):

$ diff -Naur ~/temp/pelican-upstream/ \
   | fpaste -l diff --raw | xsel -ib

Select the text using the mouse or in case of a screen session enter the copy mode and run:

$ cat | fpaste -l python --raw | xsel -ib

then paste the text and end with Ctrl-D.

I've got the following Bash aliases:

# {{{ clipboard
clippass() {
   #pwgen $@ | tr -d "\n$" | xclip -selection clipboard
   # use xsel as we needed for fpaste anyways
   pwgen ${1:--sy} ${2:-20} 1 | tr -d "\n$" | xsel -ib

# copy text or 'cat file' for file contents
clipcp() {
   cat ${1} | xsel -ib

# sent text to fedora paste ('cat file' to send contents)
clipfp() {
   cat | fpaste -l ${1:-text} --raw | xsel -ib
# clipboard }}}

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