Setting up a FreeIPA Client

August 17, 2016 by omiday ['ɔ:mi:deı] / Updated: November 18, 2016

This is the second, and perhaps not last ;) in the FreeIPA series of articles. After setting up the FreeIPA server the next step is adding clients to the IPA domain.


  1. Install the RPM package:

    [root@omiday]# dnf install freeipa-client
  2. Run the installer:

    [root@omiday]# ipa-client-install

Done...or so I thought, moving on to the troubleshooting section...

Fixing ipa-client-install errors


Inconsistency detected by dl-close.c: 811: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed!

Ubuntu bug 1231459 is still not fixed. Nothing helpful on FreeIPA Trac either. Doing an ALL search on RedHat Bugzilla I came across the Aug-19,2016 comment in bug 1189856 which points to this glibc bug.

Noticed this right after logging out:

Shared connection to stuff.can.local closed.
pc96 ~ $ logout
Shared connection to closed.
Inconsistency detected by dl-close.c: 811: _dl_close: Assertion
`map->l_init_called' failed!

None thus far.


Disable gssapi-with-mic. Easiest in ssh_config with:


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