Setting up the Epson TM-T88III USB receipt printer on Fedora 24

September 11, 2016 by omiday ['ɔ:mi:deı]

A whole day of Google digging comes down to this:

  1. Download the Epson TM-T88III drivers:

        > Support
            > TM-T88V POS Receipt Printer
                > Drivers & Downloads
  2. Setup the printer in CUPS:

    Local Printers: Epson TM/BA/EU Printer
    Connection: epsontm:/ESDPRT001
    Driver: Epson TM BA Thermal (rastertotmt) (grayscale)


    • Local Printers: Epson TM …
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Wondering about circular definitions in Python Language Reference?

September 2, 2016 by omiday ['ɔ:mi:deı]

If you have been reading the Python Tutorial and did follow the various references to Python Language Reference all the way you likely ended up with something along these lines:

  1. enclosure:

    enclosure ::=  parenth_form | list_display | dict_display | set_display
                   | generator_expression | yield_atom
  2. parenth_form:

    parenth_form ::=  "(" [starred_expression] ")"
  3. starred_expression:

    starred_expression ::=  expression | ( starred_item "," )* [starred_item]
  4. starred_item:

    starred_item       ::=  expression | "*" or_expr …
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Searching Vim's internal pager

September 2, 2016 by omiday ['ɔ:mi:deı]

The problem:


How do I search that list when Vim only provides:

-- More -- SPACE/d/j: screen/page/line down, b/u/k: up, q: quit

Following the hint on this StackOverflow article the trick is :redir and assuming the editing mode is buffers it goes like this:

:redir …
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Setting up a FreeIPA Client

August 17, 2016 by omiday ['ɔ:mi:deı] / Updated: November 18, 2016

FreeIPA Client setup on Fedora 25

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